Become empowered to handle any situation that life throws at you    

Look Better

Guba Doce Pares is a Martial Art,

which means that you will get fitter and look healthier the more you train.

Feel Better

Improving your fitness will help you feel better and along with the Guba Doce Pares Ipswich Psychological Principles you will understand how the mind works improving your mental health.

Be Better

Understanding how the mind works will help you to make better decisions in times of stress and enable you to help others in need.


We understand that making poor decisions leading to arguing and fighting with others, can leave you feeling inadequate and confused. These feelings are normal but it is all due to some simple misunderstandings and a lack of knowledge of some basic principles.

Yet training in the Guba Doce Pares Ipswich Self-Defence System can straighten these misunderstandings out and teach you the principles you need to know for a successful outcome.

"I was really impressed with the way you teach and could see almost immediately the difference it makes to a young person's confidence."



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